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Looking for a great place to work? Welcome to Squire Lemkin!

Vicki Kelly - Tax Manager - CPA

Vicki Kelly
Tax Manager - CPA

Welcome to SL+Co

SL+Co Who We Are - Infographic

What to Expect at SL+Co

At Squire, Lemkin & Company, you have the opportunity to join an organization which recognizes individual initiative and commitment and believes its responsibility to employees goes far beyond the payment of competitive wages. We believe it is our responsibility to provide you with both a challenge and a sense of achievement. Additionally, the firm has a wide range of employee benefits which equal or exceed those provided by many larger firms. You are the firm’s most valuable asset and we will endeavor to provide you with the opportunity to grow as we grow.

"After graduating from Mount St. Mary’s University, I wanted to start my career at a firm with values that aligned with my own. After visiting Squire, Lemkin + Company’s office, I immediately knew I’d found the environment I was searching for: a comfortable atmosphere where everyone works collectively as a whole. From the moment I began working here I felt the support I was looking for in order to grow as an individual and as a member of the firm. The firm’s culture is designed to cultivate relationships with the partners, staff, and clientele, providing a very rewarding experience for anyone making the transition from college. I look forward to what my future has to offer with Squire, Lemkin + Company!”- Sam

Boring accountants? You're looking in the wrong place.

Sam - Associate


Looking for a great work life balance? I found it here!

Marcy Goniprow - Tax Manager - CPA

Marcy Goniprow
Tax Manager - CPA

A Culture of Opportunity

Our core values are more than just words. It is the responsibility of our firm’s partners to set the example for the people they lead. And those principles support the long-standing client relationships.

  • + Mutual Respect
    Each of us is a professional; each has an important role to play in our firm; each of us has a right to be treated courteously; each has a voice.
  • + Open Communications
    The environment will be one where communication is open, respectful, mutual and safe. Each of us has a responsibility to provide constructive input to help this firm succeed.
  • + Professional Excellence
    Every task we undertake must be done to the best of our individual ability at all times. We can each strive to learn and to improve. We are committed to using our best judgment in helping our clients meet their needs and bring creative, practical solutions to each business challenge. Each member of this firm is expected to subscribe to the highest professional standards without compromise.
  • + Responsibility
    It is the charge of every member of this firm to serve the needs of the firm and the firm’s clients, whether or not a responsibility is specifically assigned. If any of us perceives a need, it is up to each of us to address it.
  • + Interdependence
    None of us can be successful operating alone. Creating quality services for our clients and providing a rich and rewarding experience for each of us requires all of us pulling in the same direction with mutual goals. Our daily activities require us to bear in mind the need for us to depend on each other.
SL+Co Core Values

Amazing Benefits

View Our Benefits
  • < 3 years 12 days per year
  • 3-5 years 15 days per year
  • > 5 years 22 days per year

Maximum carryover of 80 hours –
Firm will pay balance of vacation leave at the time of the termination/resignation, up to 80 hours.

Retirement Plan

Eligible at first open date (1/1, 4/1, 7/1 & 10/1) after 6 months employment:

  • Employee 401(k) deferrals
  • Employer matching contribution
  • Employer discretionary contribution

Incentive Compensation/Bonus Plan

Annually, each firm member sets quantifiable goals for the coming year. The Plan has three components, one based on the Firm’s overall performance (Corporate Bonus), the individual’s billable hours, realization and new business (Personal Objectives) and a personal, quantifiable goal each accountant sets for the year (Personal Success Factors).

Flexible Working Hours

Employees determine the hours (and sign an agreement) that they will each day (to include core hours of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.); this policy allows employees to adjust their drive time, work with school schedules, etc. **Staff that may be scheduled at clients must work client hours.


New Years, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. When holidays fall on Saturday or Sunday, the holiday is observed on Friday or Monday.

Health Insurance
Full single coverage equal to the cost of the HMO for employees who work more than 30 hours per week is provided. Either HMO or PPO coverage is available.

Life Insurance
Equal to base salary, up to $50,000.

Long Term Disability Insurance
After 90 day disability.

Cafeteria Plan

  • Child Care: Maximum $5,000
  • Uninsured Medical/Vision/Dental Costs: Maximum $2,000

Family Medical Leave Act
While Squire, Lemkin + Company is not required to comply with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993, the Firm has chosen to offer family and medical leave based on the provisions of the Act. Accordingly, we will provide up to twelve weeks of unpaid, job protected, family leave per year for employees who have worked at least twelve months and have worked at least 1,250 hours.

Education Reimbursement
Education costs are paid up to $500 per semester, with passing grade. Employees must continue employment for 2 years succeeding the completion of a course.

CPA Examination, Dues, Licenses
The Firm will reimburse for the sitting part of the CPA exam which receives a passing grade and will also reimburse up to $500 towards a CPA Review Course. The Firm will pay the AICPA license fee and professional dues for one state society.

Continued Professional Education
The Firm pays for the cost of approved CPE for all employees.

Looking for more than a paycheck? You'll find it here!

Tracy Morey - Audit Manager - CPA

Tracy Morey
Director - CPA

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Tax Manager - CPA, MBA

Lisa Blackmore
Partner - CPA, MBA

Current Opportunities

SL + Co Community Commitment

At Squire, Lemkin & Company, we are dedicated to being an active and productive member of our local community. As a firm that specializes in serving Mid-Atlantic area not-for-profits, we have a special connection to the organizations and the people who are actively working to give back to our community. As a firm, we support several local charities as a group, and we also encourage our team members to find causes that they truly care about, and to get personally involved. Many of our staff serve as board members for local not-for-profits while others spend their free time on weekends volunteering.

SL+Co Community
SL+Co Community
SL+Co Community

I may not look like Santa, but I sure feel like Santa!

Sara Heller - Senior Accountant

Sara Heller
Senior Accountant

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Kim Fitzgerald - Firm Administrator - AAAPM

Kim Fitzgerald
Director - AAAPM

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