Squire, Lemkin + Co. brings experience, efficiency and attention to detail to each audit and assurance project. While our team has broad industry experience, we strive to align our team’s experience with each client’s specific needs. Our experience allows us to bring more than just financial attestation and audit services. We help not-for-profits and businesses use audits as a tool to help them better manage their organizations.

Our audit professionals are dedicated to developing a thorough understanding of each client’s business, industry and internal controls. This allows us to provide reliable, independent, cost effective assurance services that our clients and their stakeholders can trust.

Our audits are enhanced with the use of Artificial Intelligence (Ai). This technology allows us to offer value not available through traditional auditing techniques alone. We combine our experience and knowledge of the industry and your organization with a tool that risk assesses 100% of your financial transactions based on statistical, rules-based and machine learning control points. This leads to more effective audit planning, more efficient audits, and a deeper level of insight into your organization. The tool has the ability to show organizational performance trends over time and flag unusual or anomalous transactions over the entire data set that require further investigation.

At their core, audit services are designed to provide stakeholders objective assurance concerning the accuracy and reliability of the information presented. At Squire, Lemkin + Co., we understand the importance of each assurance service we provide. That means our clients and their stakeholders can have confidence that a Squire, Lemkin + Co. audit will provide the transparency and trust required to make critical decisions.

In addition to providing an opinion for third parties, our industry expertise and business management experience allow us to identify potential problems and areas for improvement that will directly help our clients manage their organizations.

Our audit services include: