Our Culture

At SL+Co, you have the opportunity to join an organization which recognizes individual initiative and commitment and believes its responsibility to employees goes far beyond the payment of competitive wages. We believe it is our responsibility to provide you with both a challenge and a sense of achievement. Additionally, the firm has a wide range of employee benefits which equal or exceed those provided by many larger firms. You are the firm’s most valuable asset and we will endeavor to provide you with the opportunity to grow as we grow.

Core Values of the Firm

This organization was founded by three professionals with widespread experience in public accounting and business. They have seen much of what promotes a successful business culture; what works, what does not. The people who will work successfully with this firm will be committed to the values described below, not only in theory, but in day to day practice. Each of us, whether an experienced partner or a new employee, is expected to adhere to these values in all interactions with clients, fellow members of the staff, and the public.

Mutual Respect

Each of us is a professional; each has an important role to play in our firm; each of us has a right to be treated courteously; each has a voice.

Open Communications

The environment will be one where communication is open, respectful, mutual and safe. Each of us has a responsibility to provide constructive input to help this firm succeed.

Professional Excellence

Every task we undertake must be done to the best of our individual ability at all times. We can each strive to learn and to improve. We are committed to using our best judgment in helping our clients meet their needs and bring creative, practical solutions to each business challenge. Each member of this firm is expected to subscribe to the highest professional standards without compromise.


It is the charge of every member of this firm to serve the needs of the firm and the firm’s clients, whether or not a responsibility is specifically assigned. If any of us perceives a need, it is up to each of us to address it.


None of us can be successful operating alone. Creating quality services for our clients and providing a rich and rewarding experience for each of us requires all of us pulling in the same direction with mutual goals. Our daily activities require us to bear in mind the need for us to depend on each other for many different kinds of support.

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