Why Squire, Lemkin + Co?

Why Choose an Accounting Career? Why Squire, Lemkin + Co?

The accounting profession has a great deal going for it including good pay, challenging work and unlimited opportunities for advancement. Further, clients view their accountants as one of their most trusted advisers.

Our ideal employee has a strong intellect and work ethic, dependability, comfort with asking questions and the ability to get along with others. We look for these qualities as we interview potential employees and interns.

When you accept a position in our Firm, we want to strengthen your commitment by helping you succeed. We feel strongly about contributing to younger generations and hiring recent graduates and interns is one way we do that.

Schools provide concepts, tools and methodologies for solving problems and developing thinking skills, but actual work provides the context. We, as practitioners, present the technical as well as the non-technical aspects of practice, such as relationship building, supervising and mentoring and servicing client needs. We expose new employees to services other than tax returns and audits, to show our field’s range and give students a closer look at actual practice.

We talk about the good and bad points of the profession. We want you to know that you will work 60-65 hours per week from the end of January through April 15, not 75-90 hours per week reported by other firms. We believe that the best employees have balanced lives. Every profession has its “crunch time” and we are no exception. Nevertheless, Squire, Lemkin + Company provides time off to balance the busy season.

We give new employees challenging projects with clear instructions so you can develop new skills. When your assignment is a more complex task, we also provide greater supervision. You are given oral or written feedback after each major project or tax return, so you know where you stand.

We know that word of a great experience (or a poor one) gets around campus pretty quickly and we want the words about Squire, Lemkin + Company to be good ones.

Recent graduates and interns benefit from having a mentor who is fully committed to the assignment. A mentor is an educator and mentoring is a proven way to transfer experience. New employees who receive considerable guidance are more successful than those who fend for themselves. We select mentors who are non-threatening and are accessible so a new employee feels free to talk with his or her mentor. Mentors will also monitor whether the intern or new hire is being included in the firm culture.

Regular meetings (monthly or at least quarterly, perhaps for lunch) are held between a new employee and the mentor for input about his/her role in the office as well as an ongoing evaluation of the employee. An evaluation is placed in the employee’s file after each of these meetings to track the employee’s progress.

We won’t leave out the basics — We know that what is ordinary to us may be quite informative to you, as a new employee. We will expose you to varied work contexts, from administration to boardroom meetings. You will attend seminars at our expense to develop your professional skills. Varied environments will promote a wide range of learning, including people skills, networking, presentation styles and acceptable professional behavior.

During your first week at Squire, Lemkin + Company you will receive basic training on our policies, procedures and software. In addition, you will shadow an experienced staff member that first week so you can get accustomed to life in a CPA Firm. During the coming weeks, you will work on a variety of tax returns, participate in audits at client locations, sit in on client meetings, etc.

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At SL+Co, we believe we have created a culture in our CPA Firm that promotes the success of our employees and provides balance between work and personal lives while exceeding the expectations of our clients.