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COVID-19 TAX RELIEF (03/23/2020)

COVID-19 TAX RELIEF (03/23/2020)

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The treasury department announced that the federal income tax return filing date of April 15th has been extended to July 15th to match the extended tax payment date. This includes individual, fiduciary and corporate tax returns. Maryland followed up indicating that they would extend their filing date as well. There has been no report from DC or Virginia at this point. For those clients who file in other states, we will monitor all state requirements and proceed accordingly.

A clarification regarding extended tax payment dates – as currently stated by IRS, the extension applies to payments due April 15 including estimated taxes. There is no reference to extending the June 15th estimated tax payment date so you should anticipate making June 15 payments on time.

Should you have any questions as to how this impacts you, please contact us.

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