Firm History

Susan Lemkin and John Squire founded Squire, Lemkin + Company, LLP in the fall of 1997 with a vision of a leadership style and an office culture they believed to be unique among CPA firms.  Their goal was to hire and retain intelligent, well-motivated people, provide them with state of the art resources and careful supervision, and enable them to maintain a reasonable balance between their personal and professional lives.

These attributes, John and Susan believed, would produce the ultimate in client service and afford their staff a challenging and rewarding professional experience.  The core values defined at the outset helped to create an environment which encourages scholarship and professional growth and constructive relationship building among clients and staff.  Emphasis is placed upon very high professional standards and frequent and clear communications.

Our firm began with ten people and three partners, and it now numbers around thirty people, including seven partners.  Our client base has grown about five-fold largely as a result of referrals from satisfied clients and from other professionals with whom we work who witness the quality of the services we provide and the relationships we build.  With many solid years behind us, John and Susan believe their recipe for success and the ability to closely adhere to the values considered to be most important have enabled them to realize their vision for the firm.