Employee Benefit Plans

Providing an attractive retirement plan, health benefits and other employee fringe benefits can make the difference in recruiting and retaining talented staff. We can assist in navigating the maze of Internal Revenue Service and Department of Labor guidelines to target key individuals with attractive benefits and help you maintain a manageable benefit budget.

We can refer you to and work closely with third party administers for your retirement plan – helping coordinate your annual contributions allocations, plan document preparation and your investment advisors to ensure your plan is provided seamlessly and that you are abreast of your fiduciary responsibilities.

Plans with over 100 participants are required to submit an annual audit to the Internal Revenue Service. We are experienced in providing this type of audit and can often apply our knowledge of retirement plans and investment advisors to enhance your plan.

Our dedicated and experienced employee benefit team can provide the following services:

  • Audits of Employee Retirement Plans (as required by the IRS and DOL)
  • Preparation of Annual Return/Report of Employee Plan (Form 5500)

How can Squire, Lemkin + Co. help? Whether you are required to undergo an annual audit or simply want to mitigate risk and ensure you are fulfilling your fiduciary responsibility, our employee benefit plan audit team can help. We combine knowledge, experience and independence with a proven process that makes benefit plan audits as efficient and painless as possible for our clients.