High Net Worth Individuals

Achieving a certain level of success can bring stability, comfort, and allow you to provide for your family and the causes that matter most to you. But as those who have accumulated wealth know, with opportunity comes unique challenges and responsibilities. Our high net worth team is dedicated to helping you keep up with your responsibilities while enabling you to capitalize on each opportunity that wealth affords.

At Squire, Lemkin + Co. we work side by side with our clients, helping them plan for the preservation, growth, and targeted impact of their wealth.  Each of our high net worth clients works with a personalized team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing service tailored to the needs of each specific client. We start each client relationship with in-depth discussions to help us understand personal, family, and philanthropic priorities. Once we have sufficient understanding of what drives each client, our team works as a strategic advisor to provide each client with the resources, services, and advice that will help them meet their individual goals.

We understand that accountants are not the only advisors that our clients need. We believe it is critical that each key advisor understands the big picture and has the familiarity and willingness with each other required to work together for the good of the client. We work to coordinate the trusted advisors of our clients, bringing together many different experts to create a cohesive team. While each professional advisor has different responsibilities, we believe that effective collaboration is a critical value driver for our clients. We understand the importance of each member of the team and are dedicated to fostering relationships that allow for effective teamwork.

We enhance our experience and expertise with a commitment to listening, learning, and teamwork.

Our high net worth family solutions include: